Food Trends for 2021... and Beyond...

July 14 2021 – Allison Slater

Food Trends for 2021...  and Beyond...

Food Trends for 2021... and Beyond...

This year's food and dining trends are generally geared toward better health for our bodies and taking better care of our planet.

At dish, we are proud to say we embody many of these trends, as we redefine the concept of "prepared food".

Our mission is to to bring you high quality ingredients and create healthy, well-balanced meals that provide you with an elevated at home dining experience, in an environmentally responsible way.  

Our menu consists of:
* Lean proteins, whole grains, healthy carbs and lots of veggies!
* Weekly plant-based meal options.
* Gluten free dishes, and use arrowroot flour when needed.
* No refined sugars, using coconut palm sugar when needed.
* Healthy oils, like avocado, coconut and sesame.

Our business is committed to:
* Low waste.  We repurpose food scraps, and compost what is left. 
* Plastic Free Packaging.  We use plant fiber based packaging and compost to ensure proper disposal.  (We'll pick up your containers AND lids!)
* Supporting other small, local businesses and sourcing locally when possible.

Though we are not perfect, we are committed to the path we are on, and hope you will continue to join us on this journey.

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