Illuminate Your Plate

February 08 2022 – Allison Slater

Illuminate Your Plate

Illuminate Your Plate

Meet Illuminate Food

Founded in 2020 by Danielle Schwab, Illuminate Food is a community with a mission.  To bring 100% local farm fresh food into more households, educate others on where our food comes from and how to cook seasonally with sustainably grown ingredients.

Illuminate offers a weekly or bi-weekly Farm Box Subscription, or you can purchase a one-time box.  What’s included?
  • 6-10 seasonal produce items.
  • Fresh bread, cheese, milk and eggs.
  • A specialty item & Chef’s recipe from a local business, that utilizes the ingredients of your box.
  • Add-On items, such as locally sourced dairy and meat products, coffee, pasta, bread and more.
Why did Danielle create Illuminate Food? 
Upon learning just how challenging it is to be a farmer, and how difficult it can be for people to have access to good quality produce, Danielle wanted to make a difference.  And then, once she connected the dots about how the food we eat not only affects our health, but also impacts our environment, she started researching answers to where our food really comes from, and then started educating others.

"I truly believe changing the food system will repair our relationship with food. I will be using this platform to connect eaters to producers so that more of us can join in on the local/regional and alternative food systems happening all around us."

At Dish Kitchen, it is our mission to seek out like-minded partners whose mission and values align with our own.  We want to help build an eco-system where we can do our part in bringing fresh, healthy, SUSTAINABLE food to our community.
This is what led us to Illuminate Food. 

And now for our special announcement! 
Dish Kitchen will be featured in the February 16th Farm Box!  Chef Will has cooked up a unique Specialty Item and Chef's Recipe for the Illuminate community.   

We hope you’ll join us in ordering our Farm Box!  

Illuminate has graciously offered all Dish Kitchen customers with $15 off their first box!  Simply click here and use code DISH15 at checkout!  

Orders due February 14th, for delivery Wednesday February 16th

We are thrilled and honored for this new partnership- thank you Illuminate Food!  
Learn more about Illuminate Food here