It's Official!

May 04 2022 – Allison Slater

It's Official!

It's Official!

What a perfect anniversary gift for Dish Kitchen!  We are officially a member of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry!

We are proud and excited to receive this official seal for our current eco-efforts.  However, there is still much more we want to do!  

As we continue through 2022, we will explore new sustainable efforts and will need your input!  Be on the look out for more details.

I am also busy working with other amazing women to form a Green Business Recognition Program, and to recruit other local food establishments to participate so that, together, we can build a more sustainable community.

What would that mean?

More businesses who...
  • Compost their food waste (with our friends at Java's Compost!)
  • Ditch the plastic for plant based, compostable take out/delivery containers (we love World Centric products and Good Start Packaging!)
  • Work to ensure these compostable containers GET COMPOSTED!  This will take the collaboration of businesses & municipal governments to ensure proper disposal resources are available to residents.

Want to support these initiatives?  Click here to "sign our petition" & answer a few questions!

There is a Java's Compost Community Drop Off Bin at the Madison DPW on Station Road!  This is NOW OPEN TO CHATHAM BOROUGH residents!

Simply collect your compost at home and bring it over to the DPW during business hours and drop it off!  This is a great way to get started with composting!

Learn more about the DPW service here!

And visit Java's Compost here!