It's Plastic Free July - Join the challenge!

July 08 2021 – Allison Slater

It's Plastic Free July - Join the challenge!

It's Plastic Free July - Join the challenge!

Over the last 10 years, 326M people have joined the Plastic Free July®, global movement and have helped to reduce plastic waste by almost 900M kg. 

What can you do?  Start by refusing to use the "top four": coffee cups, plastic bags straws and water bottles.  Create a "Reusable" kit and carry it with you... Like Lucie did in this story. 

How can you do this?
Find your favorite reusable coffee cup... buy a reusable straw... invest in a great water bottle... throw in a reusable container or two for any leftovers you may pick up along the way... and toss them all in a reusable tote bag and carry with you (maybe stash a couple of extras in there for when you make purchases!)


Fun Facts!
Don't forget to save 10% on your U-konserve stainless containers with silicone lids (all over safe!) by clicking here and using code DISHMEALS!

Refill your own coffee cup at Three Daughters Baking Co., in Maplewood!


Want to do more?
Ditch the ziplocks & plastic wrap & check out these awesome products!
Lunchskins, StasherZiptop.

Trying to stay cool in this heat?  Try these plastic free crochet water balloons.  Available at the General Store Cooperative.

Visit the Good Bottle Refill Shop and Dry Goods Refillery to fill your home with zero waste home products & refillable dry goods at the General Store Cooperative in Maplewood,1875 Springfield Ave.  (both also opening in Montclair!)


Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?  Join the challenge here!
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