January, In Closing....

January 26 2022 – Allison Slater

January, In Closing....

January, In Closing....

As January comes to a close, I reflect on the initiatives we implemented to help others be at their best.

  • “Words of Wisdom”. Our nutrition & fitness partners shared advice on how to best approach our health & wellness journeys.
  • “Jumpstart January”. Our order incentive program, encouraging customers to fill their fridge weekly with healthy meals that save them time and help them eat healthy.
  • “Nutrition Challenge Partnerships”. We collaborated with five local fitness studios to provide meals to their members during their nutritional challenge.
  • “Stretch & Mobility”. We sponsored an event by providing healthy lunches after a partner’s workshop.

As a result of these efforts, not only did we expand our network of partners, but we are on track to achieve our highest order volume since we launched in May 2021.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

We are incredibly honored to be welcomed into your homes on a weekly basis to feed you and your families.

It is always our mission to support our community in providing healthy, balanced meals made with fresh, local ingredients.  We are privileged to have such a loyal customer base, and a network of collaborative partners. 

A special thank you to...
  • 908 Athletics, for supporting Chef Will throughout his journey from Artisanal Taste meals to Dish Kitchen (and they help him stay in shape!)
  • Katye Kane Stanzak, who has been by my side from Lunchbox on Main to Dish Kitchen (and who helps me stay in shape!). Oh, and she keeps me stylish with her Shop Vault Style Collections!
  • Chimney Rock CrossFit, for welcoming us into their community last year, and helping to expand our reach.
  • Simply Balanced with Gina, for her amazing reels and referrals, and (of course) her helpful nutritional & fitness guidance!
  • GameChanger Fitness of Madison for continuing to have us sponsor events and connecting us other businesses.
And a separate thank you to our newest partners for inviting us to join their community! Although January is about to end, our commitment to health & wellness continues.  And we are here for you!

So take a moment to reflect on the start of YOUR new year, commend yourself for all you have accomplished, and remind yourself that this journey has no beginning and no end, rather it is a continuation of self-improvement.  And though you will have up and down days, you will always have Dish Kitchen here to support you and your goals.  We are committed to making your life easier, healthier and more sustainable.

In parting, a friendly reminder of the “Words of Wisdom” that have been shared, which can serve as daily reminders to take one step at a time, be patient, and have gratitude. 

Wishing you a happy & HEALTHY year ahead!  We look forward to being a part of it!
team dish

Words of Wisdom

Karianne Anthes, MOTOWN Fitness, Morristown
"Fitness is often about being focused on achieving a specific outcome. However, often this is overwhelming and feels too far away when someone is setting out on the journey it might take to achieve it.
For this reason, we encourage folks to focus on not only WHY they want to set out on the journey but also WHO they want to be in the process. Finding that connection in the day-to-day is a helpful way to 'stay in it' and stay connected to the goal. 
Don't make this year about a 'what', make it about a "who'."

Louise Pierce, Refined Fitness, Whippany
"Something as fundaymental as nutrition should not be complicated.  We work with clients on a habit-based nutrition and accountability program*."
The Refined Fitness program is written, trained and supported by Healthy Steps Nutrition, a Cross Fit preferred nutrition program.  They focus on 6 Holistic Pillars: Nutrition; Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Sleep, Stress Management, and Support System.

Gina Roof, Simply Balanced with Gina

“Don’t put too much expectation on any one thing. Be intentional with small things you can be consistent with on a daily basis that may not seem like a lot but in the long run will have a significant impact; lead with nutrients, drink more water, get 15 extra minutes of sleep, move your body even just 10 mins a day, adopt a gratitude practice - these are the foundations that will help to support any changes you are trying to make! And most of all, listen to, honor & be kind to your body!

Katye Kane Stanzak, Fitness/Food/Fashion
“I am not a “challenge” girl as I believe fitness and wellness should be a part of your routine.  The only challenge is …to begin” 
  • Make attainable goals
  • Trust yourself 
  • And GO!

Alisha Uccardi, Melissa Schlow, Chimney Rock CrossFit, Bridgewater
"Start Small & Stay Consistent! Taking on too much at once is overwhelming, focus on one thing at a time."

"Every moment is another chance to change your life.  Embrace each moment, each decision, and you can do anything!"