Java's Compost - Our Sustainability Partner

December 08 2021 – Allison Slater

Java's Compost - Our Sustainability Partner

Java's Compost - Our Sustainability Partner

Meet Michelle & Java!


Many of us, at first, are not convinced composting is worth the effort, or we are confused about the process, so we stick to our routine of throwing waste in plastic bags and putting it outside on our pick up day.  In some cases, if you're required to buy special bags in your town, you might even use two plastic bags, placing your store bought one inside you town required one.  (hmmm.. sound familiar?)  

I was actually one of these people!  Now that I've made the transition to composting not only has the amount of true waste I collect been reduced by at least 50%, but I am also purchasing WAY less of my town's required trash bags.  

Luckily we have Java's Compost!  A local business owned by compost powerhouses Michelle and Java, 
making the Earth a better place.    

Believe it or not, before starting the business, even Michelle had doubts about the practices of composting.  However, after much encouragement from Java, and watching the documentary Dirt, Michelle realized that compost has the ability to restore our ecosystem, and there was no turning back.

Java's now offers a variety of services that enable communities and businesses to participate in the composting effort, and do better by the Earth.  Services include residential pick up, backyard set up & training, or community drop off programs.  Some towns are now even sponsoring programs for their residents- WOW! 

Java's also offers
commercial composting, which is what we use at dish to compost our kitchen scraps AND the containers we collect from our customers weekly.  Since Java's can compost commercial product, if you sign up for residential pick up service, you can place your dish containers right in your bucket!  How great is that?

As a special offer to dish customers, you can save 50% off your residential set up fee!  
Click here and use code dishsave at checkout.


Want to help set up composting in YOUR TOWN?  Take our compost survey and receive 15% off your next dish order!  Click here!


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