Welcome to the Good Bottle Refill Shop!

October 20 2021 – Allison Slater

Welcome to the Good Bottle Refill Shop!

Welcome to the Good Bottle Refill Shop!

Meet Deanna & the Good Bottle Refill Shop!

The mission at good bottle REFILL SHOP is to help you reduce waste and create a more sustainable home.

After her own realization of the waste her family was producing, and where it ultimately ended up (sitting in the ground for years to come!), Deanna made a commitment to creating a more zero waste lifestyle.  And that she did!  Upon finding sustainable alternatives for the single use items she previously purchased out of convenience, Deanna decided to bring these new found resources to her community, where she saw a void in the marketplace.  

Deanna has since dedicated her life & career to raising awareness around the impact single use items have on the environment, and to providing her community with guidance & support in transforming their own homes & lives to be less wasteful.  

Deanna not only curates a collection of high quality sustainable products, she also advises on which items may be best for you, depending on your personal preference.  Deanna is knowledgeable and supportive, and guides you as you go at your own pace on your own journey.  I know this for certain, as Deanna has been helping me transform my own home on my own journey to zero waste.  Watch my home video @dishmealprep!

In addition, good bottle supports commercial businesses like us, so we are to refill kitchen supplies without all the waste.  We are honored and proud to be partners with such an amazing business & owner and hope you will join us on the journey to sustainability!  

Visit the good bottle REFILL SHOP inside the General Store Cooperative in Maplewood or at the freestanding location in Montclair.   Can’t make it to the store?  Shop online & ask for delivery!  


PS- Refillable food launches soon at the General Store Cooperative!